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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Milpitas

Same Day Service

We know that because you live in Milpitas that you expect quick garage door repair services. With Pro Line Garage Doors, we can perform your repairs the day that you call us. We will never hesitate to assist you when you reach out to us. Our technicians can also answer questions about the necessary repairs when you schedule an appointment.

Opener Repair

A garage door opener has to work effectively or else the garage door will not operate whatsoever. The motor and some of its parts can break. A technician will come out and will look at how the opener behaves when it is on and then he or she will diagnose the problem and repair the opener. If you choose to, we can help you select a brand new garage door opener if yours cannot be fixed.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Safety eyes need to be adjusted if the door won’t work because they have to work in unison with the garage door opener. A technician can clean or replace your safety eyes if they have been negatively impacted by dirt or wiring issues.


Many people do not replace their garage door’s remote batteries until they are dead. If your remote has stopped working then the batteries should be checked. Your remote can often become defective if some of the parts have been broken. Sometimes people drop their garage door remotes which can be bad for its performance. We can get you a new remote if we cannot fix the one you have been using.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

Your garage door track can be impacted by wear and tear, grit, grime and rust. If your garage door track has become misaligned or bent then this can create cause for concern. We have the best technicians in the state that can remove your rusted or bent tracks and replace them with brand new ones that are in the proper alignment.


If you own a business in Milpitas then you might have a commercial garage door that has struts on it. These will help to protect the sections from becoming broken as the door rolls up when it is closed. Your door’s length dictates the length of your struts which we can replace for you any time.

Emergency Services

Pro Line Garage Doors offers you emergency services because we would never leave you hanging when you need us the most. Emergency services can be undertaken seven days per week. When you call us, please let us know what caused the emergency and the current state of your garage door so that we can know which repairs our technicians will need to do. You can call our phone line whenever you need to for these services.

Broken Sensor Eye

Your garage door may have an issue with the sensor eye if you turn on your remote and all it does is flash and your door will not open or close. The sensor eye can break because of jostling that occurs when the garage door is used by yourself or other individuals. We will examine the wires and see if they are out of place and are causing the issue. If the eye is found to be too broken then we can replace it for you.


A garage door keypad repair often is required if your keypad won’t communicate with the opener any longer. We have found that moisture can get into the keypad and short it out. Allow our technicians to assess your keypad’s current state and repair or replace it for you.

Bumper Issues

Bumpers help to protect your garage door from falling out of the tracks. Think of it as a buffer so that damage can be avoided if your door slams down too quickly. In order for the tension to be right you have to have a strong bumper that functions well. Leaf spring and push down are the two types of bumpers that are available for residential and commercial garage doors. We can do a replacement for either of these bumpers.


Your garage door has a control panel that is referred to as a logic board. The board is responsible for relaying messages to the garage door opener so it is a crucial part in ensuring that your garage door can work. One of our technicians can begin by taking the light bulb and lens cover off so that the wires can be dealt with. After this, the screws are removed as well as the logic board so that the replacement can be finished.


The garage door drums assist your garage door rollers and torsion shaft so that the door can do its job. The shaft is a factor in the wear and tear that the drums have to deal with. Your garage door drums have to wind up your cables so we suggest having one of our technicians fix the drums or replace them entirely for the best results.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Bent or broken rollers can make your garage door appear to be tilted. The rollers help to balance your garage door so they need to be lubricated and repaired when the need arises. The first step is to have one of our great technicians come to your home or business to see what is causing the rollers to be broken or bent so that they can do whatever is necessary to get the rollers back in working shape.

Loose or Broken Hinges

Your garage door hinges are durable, but they can become loose or even break. These are the foundational support for your door so it is important to not use the door until the hinge is fixed because further damage can happen. A technician can evaluate the performance of the hinges and can make them tight if loose or conduct a replacement.


The garage door shafts help the cables on the door to lift and close the door. A shaft is made of metal and if it has excessive corrosion or shearing then you will need to replace it so that the torsion system can be in the best position possible to be able to work efficiently on a daily basis. Our technicians have the skills necessary to replace your garage door’s shaft without any problems.

Cable Replacement

Your garage door cables tend to need to be replaced every few years because of the fact that they can snap or fray. This is due to all of the motion and pressure that they have to deal with as they go around the cable drums constantly throughout the day and evening hours. Pro Line technicians can safely take down your cable drums and remove the cables so that they can undergo a complete replacement.

Bearing Plates

Your door contains three bearing plates. If they break or shear then you will have issues with controlling the bars that lift up your door. The bearing plates have to bear the weight of the door so we suggest replacing all three of them at once so that the wear and tear is even moving forward.

Section or Panel Replacement

Many of our customers come to us because they have sections or panels that have been damaged such as when someone or something gets too close to the garage door and makes a sudden impact. We also can replace these parts if our door is a sectional type of door which means that it is not just in one piece.


Slats can become damaged or broken over time because these metal bars are curved or flat and help to keep your door place in the tracks and often shear under the stress. Our technicians can remove the broken or damaged slats and change them with brand new ones that will be more durable and help your door improve its functionality.


Your garage door opener has couplings that are placed at the rear of the rail. If a coupler has a defect in it then it will no longer turn a screw which helps to lift your door. A technician can replace your coupling by first going to the garage door opener to unplug it, taking the screws out to access the coupling and then removing it. We will then use the old coupling to locate the correct replacement part for you.

Weather Seal Replacement

Most people overlook making sure that their weather seal which plays a pivotal role in sealing the door is kept maintained. The seal can become compromised due to how many times you use your door. The weather seal can be replaced by us so that you can make sure that moisture is no longer an issue for your garage door.


Garage door gears have to be lubricated because they have been designed to work with the chain on the door so that it can open and shut. If you have found that your gears are not working properly then the chain could have triggered a reaction in which the gears are under more wear and tear. We fix this by taking off the gear once the chain is off so that a replacement can be done.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

Your trolley carriage might need to be replaced by one of our technicians if you experience a situation in which the part moves, but your door still will not budge. A trolley carriage replacement is a fairly complex repair to complete in which one of our talented technicians will take the header bracket from the rail and then remove the carriage. The new trolley that we have will then be installed.

We offer our repair services to the zip codes of 95035 and 95036. Pro Line Garage Doors guarantees that our repairs will be done by skilled and professional technicians that will work with you to ensure that a quality service is performed when you need it. We cannot stress how important your satisfaction is to us.